When issues start getting in the way

When young people are struggling it can often feel overwhelming – not just for them, but for everyone who loves them. Issues can quickly become larger than life when they impact school, relationships, health or family routines. Sometimes the causes behind the issues lie hidden, but are nevertheless very influential. My work with children and youth typically addresses the deeper experiences, thoughts and feelings that may be contributing to current challenges as well as offering concrete tools for coping and managing in the present.

Children and youth benefit greatly from an unbiased adult who demonstrates that they are paying attention, that they don't have a hidden agenda and that they will stick with them regardless of the path travelled. It can take a little while to feel comfortable in therapy but with time, much can be accomplished.

I work with, and respect, your child or teen's distinct strengths, insights and perspectives. This is the essential starting place and regular therapy sessions can be particularly effective for young people who are grappling with change internally (physically, emotionally) and perhaps struggling to find their place in the complex and confusing external world.

Physician and author Lawrence S. Neinstein states that there is a wide variability in biological and emotional growth amongst teens, and that they each respond to life's demands and opportunities in unique and personal ways (Neinstein, Adolescent Health Care). My practice is informed by that belief.

Parenting is a complex, challenging job that requires almost constant adjustment as your child develops and grows. A parent who may be confident and effective with a four-year old may find parenting a twelve-year old a daunting and deflating experience. I offer parents support, guidance and reassurance to navigate the nuances of this important job with compassion and confidence.

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